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Operation Heat

Our Story

There are 171 schools in the Baltimore City Public School System with a total of 80,592 students enrolled. As of 2016, the United States Census Bureau reported that 27,470 (31%) students between the ages of 5 to 17 in Baltimore City had been reported to be living in poverty. These students are more likely to be lacking in basic resources which, if available, could allow for them to succeed in the classroom. In addition, schools are also lacking basic resources for their students and teachers, further affecting the learning environment for all students. With issues such as lack of heat in classrooms gaining national attention, a larger discussion was held regarding the environments in which black and brown children are required to learn. There was no reason why students should have be freezing in their classrooms or wearing masks because of asbestos in the school building. We started this campaign to provide temporary assistance to some students in by supplying them with resources which will allow for students and teachers alike to endure learning and teaching in limiting conditions. Our efforts were able to take care of 25 of the 60 schools that were initially troubled.  Because we knew that there were kids in need at more than 60 schools, our intital goal was to provide as many schools as possible with a care package. The care package included winter gear for students, classroom materials, heaters if requested by school administrators, and additional resources. This year; however, we want to extend our efforts to make sure that everyone gets an equal chance to receive what they need.

Our schools will soon receive an invitation to become a part of Operation Heat's network that will allow them to create an Amazon wish list through our business account as acqiustioners. Donors will, then, be able to purchase the items directly from Amazon and have them shipped to a school of their choice. This process makes it easier for donors to trust our mission and eliminates the worry of where money is being spent and the worry about the bandwidth needed to execute our mission.

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Selected personnel in each school has been offered the opportunity to join Operation Heat's business account via Amazon. Through their individual wishlist, you can purchase the requested items and trust that your money will go towards something useful and the donation will arrive. 

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We would love to expand our reach in your city. If you are a part of the faculty or staff at a school who is in need, please reach out to us.

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It is imperative that we are proactive in assuring that issues regarding the improvement of learning environments for students in Baltimore City schools, are permanently addressed. If you reside in Baltimore City, find out your district and get in touch with your city council official to keep up with the state of schools in your district. 

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