What are the current conditions of the schools?

As far as we are concerned, regardless of  the conditions of the schools Operation Heat will always provide this service to our communities.  Our service isn't contingent upon the conditions of our schools, but the conditions that our students face.


How was the money used last season?

 First, we want to thank each and every person who so graciously gave your time, support, and money. Your participation aided in the development of care packages that included: coats, hats, gloves, scarves, space heaters,  to 25 schools in Baltimore City. Depending upon the needs expressed, additional supplies were purchased and delivered. With you, we were able to transport, package, and provide space to house, sort, and pack our donations. Our volunteers ate a hearty meal for their participation in our Pack n' Play events and we acquired additional resources and relationships that will aide in our growth as a non-profit. 

How can I get involved?

Next month, we will open up our wish list to  all donors to purchase an item through there. Go Fund Me is an available option for monetary donations.

Are the space heaters a fire hazard?

Due to the aged infrastructure of some school buildings, yes, the heaters are a hazard. However, we received permission, from the Baltimore City Public System to allocate specific space heaters.

How will you know what the schools need?

We have selected school personnel who already have an established relationship with the kids within the schools, they are responsible for assessing and communicating needs.

How can I stay updated?

You can stay updated by checking this website, joining our email list, and/or following us on social media:

Samierra Jones: (IG) @andrea_jo_ 

Aaron Maybin: (IG) @aaronmaybin (Twitter) @aaronmmaybin

Valerie Arum: (IG) @valsss_ (Twitter) @valsss__

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